5 Fitness Myths That Are Ruining Your Results


I’ll stage with you…

I’ve most likely made each mistake within the e book relating to my very own coaching.

And I don’t thoughts admitting it.

Once I first grew to become fascinated by train, I joined a fitness center and fell in love with group health courses. In truth, I liked them a lot I made a decision to turn out to be an teacher. I received licensed to show practically each group health class you’ll be able to think about.

Between my very own exercises and all of the courses I taught, I used to be doing greater than 5 hours of train each day. I actually needed to get leaner, and I figured that doing extra was one of the best and quickest strategy to accomplish that.

Oddly, regardless of all that train, my physique wasn’t altering as I anticipated it to. As a matter of truth, after I had my physique composition examined at one level, my physique fats had elevated and my muscle mass had decreased!

I used to be so pissed off. Why wasn’t I getting leaner?

So as to add insult to damage, I wasn’t getting stronger, both. I wasn’t any nearer to with the ability to do a single unassisted pull-up or commonplace push-ups.

What was holding me again?

Seems I’d been subscribing to some myths which might be so pervasive within the health world that almost all of us (regardless of how a lot schooling we’ve!) assume they’re true — till we study in a different way.

Along with my private expertise, as a former group health teacher, private coach, and energy coach for over 15 years now, I’ve encountered hundreds of ladies who’ve made these similar errors.

For those who’re working onerous and struggling to get the outcomes you need, may considered one of these myths be derailing your progress?

Let’s discover out. On this article, I’ll go over 5 widespread health myths and reveal the info so you’ll be able to lastly get the outcomes you’ve been working so onerous for.


Fable 1: Sweat and Soreness Are Indicators of a Good Exercise

“Wait, how can this presumably be over? I didn’t even sweat!”

My consumer checked out me, bewildered. She’d simply completed a energy exercise (in a cool studio, throughout winter) and couldn’t imagine she wasn’t dripping in sweat.

Wasn’t that the aim of understanding?

That wasn’t the primary time I’d heard that sort of remark.

Once I was a gaggle health teacher, shoppers typically mentioned issues like, “I’m so sore from my exercise! However that’s a very good factor, proper? It means it’s working, isn’t it?”

Effectively, not precisely (though, I admit that for some time I, too, believed the standard of a exercise may very well be measured in sweat and soreness).

True, chasing sweat and soreness will be tempting as a result of it’s concrete proof that we did one thing. And standard “fitspo” memes reinforce the concept the sweatier and extra painful a exercise is, the higher the outcomes will probably be (“Sweat is your fats crying” and “No ache, no achieve” come to thoughts).

However that simply isn’t the case.

Reality: How sweaty and sore you get aren’t indicators of an efficient exercise.

It will probably really feel good to work up a sweat, and a little bit of soreness can function a pleasant reminder that we moved our our bodies and did one thing bodily. However the reality is, neither sweat nor soreness is essentially indicative of an efficient exercise.

These issues could really feel good, emotionally, however they don’t all the time have a stable physiological carryover.

I can stand in my yard within the blazing solar and wave on the neighbor for 3 hours straight, work up a monumental sweat, and expertise excessive soreness the following day. However it doesn’t imply that I burned fats or received stronger. (It merely implies that my arm and shoulder carried out the identical motion a bazillion instances in a row, and it was scorching exterior. And perhaps that my neighbor now thinks I’m a weirdo.)

Why can we sweat (or not) once we work out?

In wholesome folks, sweat is a pure response that aids in cooling down the physique. When sweat evaporates, it cools the pores and skin’s temperature and helps stop overheating. Throughout train, the guts price usually goes up, as does physique temperature.

That mentioned, simply because your physique temperature rises doesn’t imply you’re making progress. Your physique temperature may improve due to:

The atmosphere
The garments you’re sporting
Your genetic predisposition to sweating
How not too long ago you’ve eaten
Your hormones
Whether or not you’re nervous, anxious, excited, and many others.

Sure, sweat will be an indicator that you just’re exercising onerous.

However exercising onerous doesn’t essentially imply progress.

It’s not essential to sweat to make progress. Whereas, in sure circumstances, we are able to draw a correlation between the 2, there isn’t a direct trigger and impact relationship.

While you’re working onerous, chances are you’ll be more likely to sweat extra. However if you happen to’re exercising in a cool atmosphere and sporting moisture-wicking clothes, even if you happen to’re working onerous, chances are you’ll not sweat all that a lot.

(Identical to you might be sweating up a storm whenever you’re packed into public transit throughout rush hour, but you wouldn’t confuse that with a tough exercise, would you?)

What about muscle soreness?

While you problem your muscle tissues in a big manner — for instance by lifting weights — the bodily stress creates tiny, microscopic tears in your muscle fibers. With correct vitamin and relaxation, your physique repairs these tiny tears and rebuilds your muscle tissues greater and with the potential to be stronger than they had been earlier than.

Your physique’s purpose is to make all the things you do as simple as attainable to preserve vitality in your survival. Because of this your physique adapts and turns into greater and/or stronger in order that the duties you’ve accomplished turn out to be simpler for you if it’s a must to do them once more sooner or later.

It’s regular to expertise one thing known as DOMS (delayed-onset muscle soreness). DOMS often happens one or two days after a energy coaching session, and feeling just a little DOMS is regular if you happen to’re difficult your self. Some persons are genetically extra predisposed to expertise DOMS, whereas others hardly ever really feel any muscle soreness in any respect.

That mentioned, it’s attainable to make nice progress with out ever being sore, particularly if you happen to get better correctly out of your exercises — and being sore doesn’t imply you’ve made progress.

Usually, being excessively sore is indicative of a number of of those 4 issues:

You probably did one thing new to you, or one thing you haven’t accomplished for some time, and your muscle tissues aren’t used to working on this manner.
Extra stress than beforehand utilized to the muscle. You used extra weight, did extra total quantity, or spent extra time beneath pressure.
Extended eccentrics. You spent extra time within the detrimental or “reducing” portion of an train, which may create extra pressure in your muscle fibers, resulting in muscle soreness.
Below-recovery. For those who’re continually sore, you’re doubtless not recovering nicely out of your exercises. This may very well be under-recovery on account of a scarcity of protein to restore muscle, lack of total energy, lack of sleep, an excessive amount of stress, and many others.

For those who’re usually all the time sweaty and sore in exercises, do this…

For those who really feel like exercises “don’t rely” except they’re a sweat fest, contemplate experimenting with completely different types of extra restorative motion or various the size of your exercises. As an alternative of a tough run, why not go for a shorter or lighter one, attend a yoga class, or simply spend a while outdoor?

Or course, if you happen to sweat quite a bit it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, do not forget that some folks naturally sweat greater than others. Experiment with completely different garments or attempt exercising in numerous temperatures (if that is one thing inside your management) to see if it makes a distinction. Sweating quite a bit isn’t usually a problem, particularly if you happen to keep well-hydrated.

For those who’re all the time extraordinarily sore after exercises, contemplate listening to your restoration: Are you consuming enough protein? Are you sleeping sufficient? Being very sore after doing new-to-you workouts is regular, however that soreness ought to taper as soon as your physique will get used to your program. For those who’re continually very sore, have a look at the opposite points in your life which may be affecting your restoration.


Fable 2: Extra Train Is All the time Higher

There was a time in my life, years in the past, after I was an envoy for the “extra is healthier” strategy to train.

A typical day would seem like this, exercise-wise:

6 a.m. — Educate Spin
7 a.m. — Educate yoga
1 p.m. — Run on my lunch break
5:30 p.m. — Raise weights
6:30 p.m. — Take a kickboxing class

I did this for years. YEARS! I whole-heartedly believed that she who did essentially the most train would win the grand prize. Boy, was I improper!

But, many ladies are taught that extra is healthier. Extra train, extra self-discipline, extra energy burned, extra outcomes, proper?

Truly, no. Whereas this kind of train could really feel good on the time, it isn’t an efficient coaching strategy in the long run, and it seldom results in sustainable outcomes.

In truth, it’s more likely to lead to:

Intense soreness — on account of under-recovery, as mentioned earlier — which prevents you from giving your all from one coaching session to the following, or offers you the phantasm that you just’re coaching tougher than you might be.
Elevated starvation and urge for food entitlement — that feeling the place your cravings are uncontrolled and you’re feeling you’ve “earned” the best to eat all the things in sight — which leads you to eat in a manner that doesn’t align together with your objectives.
Hormonal points — typically exhibiting up as disrupted sleep and decrease vitality — which make it appear to be you’ll by no means attain your objectives it doesn’t matter what you do.

Usually, when ladies first discover the signs above, they’re tempted so as to add much more train to their routine, to counter these results… besides that these had been brought on by doing an excessive amount of train within the first place!

Usually, the answer is to do much less train, as counterintuitive as which will appear.

Reality: Optimum train is healthier.

At Ladies Gone Robust, we imagine that the important thing to getting essentially the most out of your coaching is to maintain your starvation and urge for food in steadiness, practice at an depth that lets you make progress with out operating you ragged, and make loads of time for relaxation, leisure, and socializing.

All of those elements are essential to each your progress and your total enjoyment of life. Generally doing much less train seems to be precisely what you want.

As an alternative of regularly attempting to do extra, we encourage ladies to determine their very own Optimum Efficient Dose.

To clarify the Optimum Efficient Dose, let’s first set up what every finish of the continuum appears to be like like, beginning with the Minimal Efficient Dose and ending with the Most Tolerable Dose.

In coaching, the Minimal Efficient Dose (MED) is the minimal quantity of stimulus required to attain a desired impact.

MED is suitable for individuals who search to usually enhance their well being, people who find themselves already scuffling with very excessive ranges of power stress, or individuals who have very busy schedules. Consider the MED as doing the naked minimal to maneuver ahead (which will be very helpful and applicable for some folks).

On the opposite finish of the spectrum, the Most Tolerable Dose (MTD) is the very best quantity of stimulus that an individual can deal with earlier than experiencing detrimental penalties.

Coaching utilizing an MTD strategy is a full-time dedication. It requires essentially the most time, dedication, and assets and comes with essentially the most danger for overtraining and damage. This strategy is for skilled or aggressive athletes and individuals who have ample time and assets to optimize each side of their vitamin, get loads of relaxation, go for massages or different restoration care, and prioritize sleep for one of the best restoration attainable.


Someplace alongside the continuum between the 2 extremes, there’s a huge center floor known as the Optimum Efficient Dose (OED). The OED gives ends in a comparatively well timed method when working onerous and staying constant, all whereas nonetheless dwelling your life.

To get essentially the most out of your train, it’s necessary to seek out your OED, that’s, your coaching candy spot. Your OED ought to mean you can do the next:

Really feel in charge of your starvation and urge for food (i.e., cravings).
Get better sufficient from every coaching session to have the ability to practice once more by the point the following session rolls round.
Really feel usually good and energized (not overly sore or exhausted from train).
Take part in different obligations and actions in your life (household, profession, social, leisure, and many others.)

Discovering your OED could require some trial and error. For those who begin coaching and your starvation and urge for food are instantly by means of the roof, you by no means really feel absolutely recovered out of your exercises, and your coaching is taking you away from the remainder of your life, you’ll be able to all the time modify.

For those who’re able to get extra outcomes out of your exercises, do this…

For those who all the time practice at a excessive depth, contemplate substituting one or two of your weekly periods with a low-intensity exercise that may present some further vitality expenditure with out overly stressing your physique or inflicting a lift in urge for food. This may very well be a leisurely stroll or bike experience or a restorative yoga class, for instance.

For those who’re on the alternative finish of the spectrum, and all of your energy coaching tends to be low to average depth, attempt dialing up the depth a bit and including just a little selection to your routine just a few instances per week.


Fable three: No Matter What You Eat, You Can Work It Off on the Health club

Friday evening, eventually — time to unwind! Glass of wine? Don’t thoughts if I do! What about some pizza? Positive! And let’s get some tacky bread with dipping sauce, too. Extra wine? Sure, please! Oh, and let’s add a few of these double chocolate brownies. And ice cream, in fact! I imply, I’ll work it off on the fitness center tomorrow morning anyway. One other glass of wine?

Have you ever ever caught your self pondering alongside these strains? I do know I’ve.

And also you’ve most likely heard somebody say, “You’ll be able to’t out-train a foul eating regimen!” Perhaps you’ve even mentioned it your self. What this implies is that it’s all the time going to be harder to succeed in our objectives once we don’t align our train and vitamin efforts.

(By the best way, there’s nothing inherently “unhealthy” in regards to the meals simply talked about. You shouldn’t really feel ashamed about having fun with your meals. What we’re saying is that beating your self up within the fitness center in an try and compensate for the meals you ate isn’t an efficient response to a surplus of energy.)

Train shouldn’t be penance for the meals you’ve eaten.

Making a behavior of overeating, believing which you can merely “work it off” later, received’t get you nearer to your objectives.

However what if you happen to’re that hungry?

I hear many ladies say that they’re hungry the entire time, they usually can’t appear to manage their urge for food. Unsurprisingly, these similar ladies train for hours at a time, 5 or extra days per week. Might there be some correlation there? You betcha.

I do know firsthand how this feels as a result of it occurred to me. Years in the past, I used to be educating tons of group health courses (about 13 per week). Some days I taught two or three courses after which did my very own exercises on prime of that.

I’d typically find yourself consuming all the things in sight, pondering all that train would compensate for it. But, I wasn’t getting any nearer to my objectives.

Reality: Relying in your purpose, it’s tough to out-exercise your vitamin.

While you get overly aggressive with train, it could crank up your urge for food to the purpose that your meals consumption overpowers your coaching. That is precisely what occurred to me after I was doing all that train.

I’d get residence from the fitness center each evening feeling completely ravenous, and I’d wind up consuming an entire lot of meals. I’d begin with a meal consisting of 1 / 4 hen, candy potato, and a few greens. That wouldn’t be sufficient, so I’d eat Greek yogurt with fruit a short time later. Nonetheless hungry, I’d eat just a few slices of bread with nut butter and comply with that up with a granola bar. Nonetheless unhappy, I’d wolf down a bunch of cookies.

It doesn’t matter what I ate, I by no means felt completely glad. I grew to become an exercise-induced bottomless pit. Consuming like this didn’t do something for my physique objectives, and it actually didn’t assist domesticate a wholesome relationship with meals, as a result of the one factor I needed was extra, extra, extra.

I see lots of people collaborating in coaching modalities that don’t assist their vitamin objectives. After their exercise, they really feel famished and find yourself consuming much more than they really want with the intention to adequately replenish and get better.

For those who’re exercising quite a bit and really feel ravenous on a regular basis, do this…

While you’re exercising intensely on a regular basis, chances are you’ll be making your self so hungry that each one your cautious vitamin planning will exit the window. Positive, you’re consuming your nutritious meals, however what about all the things else you find yourself consuming since you’re simply by no means glad?

If that is you, take a step again and consider the way you’re feeling. Are sure coaching modalities or actions inflicting intense cravings or an insatiable urge for food? In that case, contemplate the next:

Strive lowering the depth of your exercises, by doing pure energy coaching (the place your programming consists of loads of relaxation between units) as an alternative of metabolic resistance coaching (the place the purpose is to take care of an elevated coronary heart price and elicit a “cardio” impact). As you modify your coaching, pay shut consideration to your starvation cues — do you discover any modifications?
Strive altering the frequency of your coaching periods or by substituting your HIIT exercises with strolling. Do you discover any modifications to your urge for food and cravings?

Discovering the best mixture of coaching modality, frequency, and depth could require some fine-tuning, however by turning into conscious of the connection between the way you train and the impact it has in your starvation and cravings, you’ll be capable to make extra knowledgeable selections.


Fable four: You Simply Have to Weight loss program Tougher

Many ladies don’t have an correct image of what “sufficient” meals actually is — particularly when attempting to shed extra pounds.

We’re typically taught that the less energy we devour, the higher. There’s this persistent fantasy on the market that ladies mustn’t eat greater than 1200 energy a day (which, if you concentrate on it, makes little or no sense when you think about the big variety of physique sizes and objectives amongst completely different ladies).

Perhaps you’ve additionally heard of the legislation of thermodynamics or, because it’s typically described, “energy in, energy out.” It’s a manner of explaining how the physique takes in and makes use of vitality. In a nutshell, it obtains vitality from meals, and expends it by means of:

Primary metabolic features (respiration, circulating blood, and many others.)
Motion (like purposeful train, but additionally each exercise of each day life)
Warmth manufacturing
Digestion and excretion

The error we regularly make is believing that it’s simple to calculate each the energy we ingest and the energy we expend. We predict alongside the strains of “If I burn all these further energy understanding, and eat a lot much less, I’ll simply burn fats.”

In actuality, consuming too little can hinder fats loss, energy achieve, and muscle achieve, and may have an effect on vitality ranges and total well being. Plus, calculating precisely the quantity of vitality we absorb and expend isn’t as easy as it might appear.

Reality: Undereating could also be hindering your progress.

The physique is a dynamic and adaptable machine — it desires to really feel “protected.” With survival as its prime precedence, it’s continually regulating the way it responds to its atmosphere.

In different phrases, to preserve vitality and direct energy to important features for survival, your physique resorts to burning fewer energy, at the same time as you’re exercising repeatedly and intensely.

This could imply that your physique composition isn’t altering regardless of being very aware of your vitamin and coaching onerous, or that you just’re experiencing a plateau in your deadlift and also you haven’t hit a PR on a raise in months regardless of constant coaching.

When assets (energy) are scarce, the physique prioritizes important features resembling regulating physique temperature and blood stress over different features resembling rebuilding muscle tissue.

Insufficient meals consumption makes it practically not possible to extend muscle energy or measurement, and the vitality deficit can significantly diminish your energy in coaching periods.

While you’re under-fueled, it might really feel such as you’re coaching intensely, however your energy output is definitely a lot decrease. For those who can’t maximize your energy when lifting, you received’t be capable to obtain the required stimulus to advertise muscle development and rebuilding.

Undereating can even sabotage your restoration, which is simply as necessary because the coaching itself for bettering efficiency and seeing progress.

While you practice, you’re breaking down muscle tissue, and with out enough energy and protein in your eating regimen, your muscle tissues received’t have the supplies wanted to rebuild. And if you happen to’re under-fueled throughout your exercise, your physique could flip to protein out of your muscle tissues for the gas it wants.

Undereating can even result in disrupted sleep, and proof reveals that high-quality sleep is important for restoration after a troublesome exercise. Poor sleep can result in fats retention. So if undereating is inflicting your sleep to undergo, you may not carry out nicely within the fitness center or see the physique composition modifications you’re anticipating to see.

For those who’re fascinated by fats loss, do this…

The primary factor that issues for fats loss is being in a sustainable calorie deficit. This implies you eat barely lower than you burn, and your physique faucets into saved physique fats for the additional energy. Take into accout, there’s a candy spot for a calorie deficit, and also you received’t get higher outcomes by going various hundred energy — 300 to 500 max — under your estimated wants.

To remain in a deficit extra simply, concentrate on consuming plenty of protein sources resembling meat, fish, poultry, and eggs. Emphasize plant-based sources of carbohydrates as a lot as attainable, resembling candy potatoes, potatoes, rice, beans, and plantains. And fill your plate with non-starchy veggies and leafy greens that can assist you really feel extra full.

For those who’re fascinated by gaining muscle, do this…

In case your purpose is to construct muscle and see extra definition, at a minimal you need to be consuming sufficient energy to take care of your weight. However to actually achieve extra measurement or muscle mass, you’ll doubtless must be in a caloric surplus, that’s, you’ll have to eat greater than you burn.

Just some hundred energy above your upkeep wants, mixed with energy coaching, can permit your physique to placed on extra muscle mass. That is simpler to do when your fats and carbohydrate consumption aren’t restricted in any manner. Now is just not the time to chop any meals teams out of your eating regimen.

Together with a caloric surplus, getting loads of protein can also be important for constructing bigger, extra outlined muscle tissues. When attainable, select complete meals resembling meat, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy, and beans or legumes.

Including in a post-workout protein shake may help you hit your protein objectives. Search for a high-quality protein powder resembling hydrolyzed beef, grass-fed whey, or natural pea protein.


Fable 5: If You’re Not Exhausted, You’re Not Working Laborious Sufficient

Simply because a coach could make you drained doesn’t imply they’ll make you higher.

There are trainers who don’t perceive how one can correctly write and execute a coaching program, so that they merely give their shoppers what they assume the shoppers want — a butt kicking.

Now in case your purpose (or your consumer’s purpose) is to “get crushed” and really feel worn out and sore, perhaps that works. However actually, there’s a greater manner.

The aim of energy coaching is to elicit constructive variations inside your physique that can assist you:

Acquire muscle mass.
Get stronger.
Enhance your bone density.
Enhance your physique composition.
Enhance your hormone ranges.
Enhance your posture.

…and far more.

And also you need to know a secret?

You don’t must exhaust your self to get there.

In truth, I might argue that exhausting your self an excessive amount of, too typically will hinder your progress towards these variations.

Reality: You don’t must be exhausted out of your coaching to see outcomes.

You could problem your physique out of its consolation zone in a manner that lets you come again robust the following time round. That’s how progress occurs.

However coaching is a type of stress, and the physique reacts to it the identical manner that it reacts to anything that’s anxious — sick youngsters, a looming work deadline, or being chased by a bear. Coaching to exhaustion can generally really feel good emotionally. Nevertheless, stress is stress is stress, and that fixed stress impedes restoration.

For those who’re not capable of get better adequately out of your exercises, your progress is more likely to decelerate. Chances are you’ll even expertise detrimental penalties from the surplus stress resembling disrupted sleep, or flip to coping mechanisms resembling emotional consuming, which can take you even additional away out of your objectives.

The extra exhausted you turn out to be, the much less you’re capable of stay constant together with your efforts, and the extra doubtless you might be to skip coaching periods.

Whereas your coaching program must be difficult, it must also embody a enough quantity of relaxation.

While you’re not getting sufficient relaxation in a exercise or in a coaching part, your muscle tissues aren’t getting sufficient time to get better earlier than the following set (or the following exercise). This, in flip, can have an effect on your capacity to make use of sufficient weight or carry out sufficient repetitions to elicit your required response.

However, an applicable quantity of relaxation can really enable you practice tougher since you’re giving your muscle tissues enough time to get better between units and between exercises. As an alternative of skipping periods since you simply don’t have it in you, you’re capable of present as much as every session able to work onerous.

You’ll be able to’t preserve doing one thing perpetually whenever you’re operating your self into the bottom.

For those who go away each exercise feeling completely exhausted, do this…

Take a while to judge what you need to get out of your exercises. Is being drained your purpose? In that case, preserve doing what you’re doing.

Nevertheless, if you happen to’re attempting to get stronger or to vary your physique composition (or each), contemplate including just a little extra relaxation in your exercises so that you just’re capable of carry out each rep of each train with good approach and sufficient vitality.

Keep in mind that the keys to progress are consistency and sustainability.

Need assist getting one of the best outcomes of your life — with out excessive weight-reduction plan or train?

Lastly with GGS Teaching there’s a manner of consuming and exercising that’s efficient, pleasing, and simpler than ever earlier than (even if you happen to’ve tried all the things).

For those who’re able to:

Cease limiting, weight-reduction plan, and obsessing about meals
Eat meals you’re keen on — that satisfies you — and nonetheless get the outcomes you need
Spend much less time within the fitness center, not exhaust your self, and nonetheless obtain your objectives
Belief your physique and belief your self round meals
Really feel good in your pores and skin, and radiate confidence from the within out

We may help.

That’s why we created GGS Teaching.

Girls want coaches who perceive their distinctive wants and challenges, and GGS Teaching is a training program designed by ladies, for ladies, run by ladies.

Serving to ladies is what we do right here at GGS. Inform us what your objectives are, and we’ll enable you obtain them in a manner that lasts.

GGS Teaching was designed as the antidote to the entire typical obsessive, restrictive, exhausting eating regimen and train packages on the market, that are too tough to maintain for any actual size of time.

We get it. That’s why we use a sustainable, skill-based strategy that can assist you apply the precise abilities you should get the outcomes you need – with out overhauling your life.

GGS Teaching isn’t nearly getting one of the best bodily outcomes you’ve ever gotten in your life — it’s about turning into one of the best model of your self, one step at a time.

On June 25th, 2019, we’re accepting a small variety of new teaching shoppers.

For those who’re able to work with a world-class GGS Coach, we strongly advocate you be a part of our free, no-obligation pre-sale record under to enroll early and save as much as 45% off most people value.

When you be a part of the pre-sale record, we’ll ship you extra information about this system. And when enrollment opens, we’ll provide the likelihood to register 24-48 hours earlier than everybody else. Plus, you will save as much as 45% off our normal public value.

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