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Sugar alcohols are molecules that style like sugar however are poorly absorbed by the physique. They make for an excellent sugar substitute and might present some well being advantages. In the event you eat an excessive amount of of them, you’ll be able to expertise intestinal misery like gasoline, cramping, and diarrhea.

Simply if you assume all there’s to learn about carbohydrates, one thing new comes alongside that “is completely not a carb, guys.”

“Desk sugar makes you fats due to insulin and blood sugar and stuff, however oh no, not sugar alcohols,” they are saying.

As a substitute, we’re instructed that sugar alcohols behave very otherwise within the physique, making them “guilt-free” sweeteners that even diabetics can take pleasure in.

Is that this true, or is it simply extra “guru” flimflam to promote extra books, drugs, and powders?

Moreover, sugar alcohols are additionally kinda recognized to present folks the shits, so there’s that, too.

Nicely, the brief story is sugar alcohols aren’t wondrous molecules. They’re simply one other instrument that you should utilize when planning your food regimen.

Resulting from their affiliation with “wholesome junk meals” (non-GMO, gluten-free cookies and muffins and the like) and overly processed meals typically, sugar alcohols have copped a foul repute, however they don’t actually deserve it.

By the top of this text, you’ll know what sugar alcohols are, whether or not you need to embody them in your food regimen, how one can mitigate or reduce their unwanted effects, and extra.

Let’s get began.

What Are Sugar Alcohols?

At backside, sugar alcohols are precisely what they sound like: sugar molecules connected to alcohol molecules.

On this case, “alcohol” is unrelated to the kind of alcohol that you simply drink, which is known as ethanol. This is the reason sugar alcohols are referred to as, properly, sugar alcohols, and why they are often present in vegatables and fruits and a few grains.

The rationale they’ve swept the pure meals trade by storm is the alcohol half modifies each the sweetness of the sugar and the way it’s digested and absorbed by the physique.

Particularly, sugar alcohols principally bypass the small gut and thus are solely partially absorbed into the bloodstream, which is why they supply fewer energy per gram than sugar.

There are a number of kinds of sugar alcohols, and every has a special style, calorie content material, and impact within the mouth and intestines. The commonest ones are as follows:


And relying on which one we’re speaking about, they are often added to meals to:

What Are the Advantages of Sugar Alcohols?

In line with some folks, that is the place sugar alcohols shine.

Not solely are they candy, we’re instructed, however in addition they do fantastical issues for our our bodies as properly, together with aiding in weight reduction, bettering blood glucose management and intestine well being, and extra.

How true are these claims?

Can Sugar Alcohols Assist You Lose Weight?

Dietary carbohydrates have 4 energy per gram, however energy solely “depend” in the event that they’re absolutely absorbed into your physique for use as vitality.

Sugar alcohols are solely partially absorbed, which suggests your physique can solely take up and use a portion of their energy.

For instance, in case your physique might solely take up and use 25% of the energy in a sugar alcohol, then virtually talking, what would usually be 200 energy of standard sugar would now be a mere 50 energy.

This is the reason some weight reduction merchandise use sugar alcohols to cut back energy (and why we use them to sweeten our merchandise)–if it helps you eat fewer energy typically, it may possibly make it easier to shed pounds quicker.

In fact greens and lean protein are “higher” energy than merchandise with sugar alcohols–and particularly if you’re slicing–however typically you simply want chocolate, and protein bars are higher than sweet bars.

You is likely to be questioning why corporations use sugar alcohols, which do have energy quite than compounds that don’t, like a man-made sweetener or stevia.

The rationale for this lies within the bodily properties of sugar alcohols; they’ll present construction and stability to stable meals merchandise that different sweeteners can’t, making softer and chewier merchandise.

Can Sugar Alcohols Assist Management Blood Sugar Ranges?


Most research on sugar alcohols are on diabetics, who use them as a option to eat candy meals with out having to extend their insulin dosage.

Many diabetics are going to eat candy issues no matter what their medical doctors say, so can sugar alcohols assist them take pleasure in sweetness with out further insulin?

Some can.

Erythritol particularly appears to have little affect on insulin launch in lean and overweight nondiabetics, and a 20 gram dose has no adverse results on glucose management in diabetics.

Can Sugar Alcohols Enhance Intestine Well being?


Sugar alcohols may be digested by micro organism in your intestines, leading to fermentation and the manufacturing of short-chain fatty acids.

These fatty acids are significantly helpful to intestine well being, principally by aiding intestinal construction and stopping the immune system from overreacting.

Can Sugar Alcohols Enhance Dental Well being?


Research present a transparent interplay between the sugar alcohol xylitol and dental well being, which is why you’ll discover it in lots of naturally sweetened chewing gums.

Analysis exhibits that erythritol may very well be a bit stronger than xylitol (and in addition sorbitol) on this regard, however all of them have advantages and xylitol appears to be the commonest one in chewing gum.

The rationale sugar alcohols can have an effect on your dental well being is straightforward: they’re not sugar, which micro organism within the mouth love and feast upon, producing acidic compounds that erode enamel enamel and result in cavities.

Thus, the much less sugar you eat, the much less harm to your enamel.

Bear in mind, although, that this doesn’t imply that sugar alcohols can remedy dental issues–they’ll solely assist not trigger them.

What Are the Downsides of Sugar Alcohols?

sugar alcohol side effects

The primary draw back of sugar alcohols is they’ll upset your abdomen and offer you diarrhea.

Since sugar alcohols are powerful to digest, they arrive within the colon principally intact and are then wolfed up by micro organism, producing gasoline. In addition they pull water from the physique into the colon, and when there’s an excessive amount of water within the gut relative to fiber or digested meals, the stool turns into watery and free (voila, diarrhea).

Erythritol is the exception right here. As a result of it’s principally absorbed within the small gut, it doesn’t are inclined to trigger the identical digestive points as different sugar alcohols.

That is additionally why different pure dietary supplements like creatine and L-arginine can provide folks diarrhea when an excessive amount of is taken without delay, by the way in which (they love water).

The magnitude of those undesirable unwanted effects will depend on a number of issues:

How tailored you might be to them (individuals who’ve by no means eaten them earlier than are extra vulnerable to digestive issues).What kinds of sugar alcohols are eaten.How a lot are eaten.What they’re eaten with.Whether or not they’re liquid or stable.

In brief, in the event you sometimes eat a considerable amount of sugar alcohols with out a lot different “actual” meals, you’re extra prone to get gassy diarrhea than in the event you eat small quantities with different meals on a constant foundation.

If you wish to reduce your possibilities of experiencing cramps, gassiness, or diarrhea, then, you need to eat sugar alcohols with fiber and at comparatively low doses constantly from sooner or later to the subsequent.


Do Sugar Alcohols “Depend” as Carbs?

That will depend on what you imply by “depend.”

In terms of diabetics and folks following a ketogenic food regimen, sugar alcohols would “depend” if they’d an impact on insulin and blood sugar ranges, which, as , they don’t.

For individuals who are merely watching their energy, then sugar alcohols would “depend” in the event that they provided energy, which they do–about 2 energy per gram, on common.

In different phrases, carbs from sugar alcohols do depend as carbs however lower than absolutely absorbed carbs in different meals.

The Backside Line on Sugar Alcohols

sugar alcohol carbs

Sugar alcohols aren’t a zero-calorie substitute for sugar and aren’t a “superfood” molecule, both.

They’re merely a secure option to exchange a few of the sugar in your food regimen with one thing that’s nearly as candy and far decrease in energy, and that may present some gentle well being advantages as properly.

In addition they have a really “enjoyable” methodology of forcing you to devour them carefully: eat an excessive amount of and your intestines will play jalapeno firehose for a day or two.

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