Common Knee Issues and What to Do About Them


Knee discomfort is one thing that many people expertise throughout a exercise or when performing particular workout routines or actions, together with squatting, lunging, or operating. This expertise has prompted lots of my purchasers to ask me what workout routines they will do for his or her “dangerous” knees.

Whereas there isn’t any scientific prognosis or particular train prescriptions to assist “dangerous” knees, understanding why you might need knee discomfort may also help you:

Establish some methods to handle it.
Scale back ache throughout exercise
Know when it’s best to go to a medical skilled for prognosis and therapy.

Knee Anatomy

To grasp why you might need sore knees, it helps to know just a little bit about knee anatomy. Your knee is what is typically known as a modified hinge joint. It’s made up of three bones and is the place the underside of the thigh bone (femur) and the shin bone (tibia) meet. The kneecap (patella) is a small triangular bone that articulates with the thigh bone and helps defend and cowl the entrance of the knee joint.

Throughout the knee are two cartilage-based pads known as menisci (singular, meniscus). These pads cut back friction throughout the joint when the thigh bone and shin bone articulate relative to each other. On the within, outdoors, and throughout the knee are ligaments, which stabilize the joint and forestall the thigh bone and shin bone from sliding too far backward or ahead.

Behind the knee is a small fluid stuffed sack known as a bursa, which cushions the knee and helps the tendons and ligaments glide on the joint. The knee can also be supported by tendons, that are hooked up to muscle tissue, to bend and straighten the knee. These actions are additionally referred to as knee flexion and extension.

Potential Causes of Knee Soreness

Whereas the knee primarily flexes and extends, it additionally does small quantities of inside and exterior rotation. Additionally, as a result of it’s positioned between the hip and the ankle, it’s closely influenced by how effectively the joints above and beneath it transfer.

For many individuals, these nuanced rotations throughout the knee joint, mixed with restricted mobility or a scarcity of management within the hip and ankle, can contribute to knee soreness, even when there isn’t something unsuitable with the knee itself.

Generally there’s an underlying situation that’s contributing to knee ache. A few of these circumstances embody arthritis, bursitis, or a ligament tear. When you expertise an ongoing sense of instability across the knee, an lack of ability to management how your knee straightens and bends, or ongoing ache and grinding, then it is strongly recommended that you simply seek the advice of your medical supplier for prognosis and therapy.

That mentioned, as talked about above, it’s potential to expertise gentle to average knee discomfort with out a knee damage. In these situations, the soreness is usually brought on by a motion compensation due to restricted mobility or a scarcity of management within the hip and ankle. This occurs as a result of a lot of the sitting and footwear required by fashionable every day life doesn’t set us up to use our hips and ankles of their fullest ranges of movement or as optimally as we may.

Whereas this isn’t a disaster, it could actually contribute to inefficient motion patterns and knee stiffness and discomfort throughout train. Nevertheless, taking time to strengthen and mobilize the hips and ankles can typically cut back soreness and promote higher motion patterns throughout exercise and every day life.

Moreover, typically an individual can have knee discomfort due to how they’re executing a particular motion. For instance, their knees will really feel positive, besides once they lunge, as a result of they’re driving their knee ahead, creating further stress on the knee. Nevertheless, in the event that they hinged the hips barely again and then carried out the lunge, it may reduce the stress within the entrance of the knee and in flip cut back discomfort.

On this case, typically making some small changes to the way you follow an train can resolve the difficulty. If you’re uncertain of how to make these changes, you might have considered trying to seek the advice of a bodily therapist or health skilled who’s skilled to consider train kind.

Methods to Deal with Knee Soreness

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all answer or train sequence for addressing knee soreness and should you expertise ongoing ache or discomfort, you might have considered trying to seek the advice of a medical supplier to make certain there isn’t an underlying challenge that wants to be identified and handled. Nonetheless, many people can profit from motion and self-care approaches to handle low-grade discomfort.

Foam Rolling, Therapeutic massage, and Mushy Tissue Launch Work

Whereas foam rolling, therapeutic massage, and mushy tissue launch work gained’t create everlasting adjustments to the tissues, they will quickly cut back soreness across the joint and improve the vary of movement within the hips and ankles. This will promote higher motion patterns throughout train, which over time may contribute to much less discomfort.

Within the case of knee ache, it may be helpful to handle the muscle tissue and tissues above and beneath the joint. This might embody rolling the interior thighs, hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, and the portion of the IT band positioned simply above the knee.

After you have rolled or carried out mushy tissue launch to this space, it may be helpful to additionally carry out mobility, stability, or power workout routines to educate your physique how to use this new vary of movement, which may create longer-lasting adjustments.


Comparable to foam rolling and mushy tissue launch work, stretching can typically cut back knee discomfort and quickly improve the vary of movement on the hips and ankles. As talked about above, on this case, it may be useful to gently stretch the muscle tissue above and beneath the knee, paying particular consideration to the hamstrings, calves, interior thighs, and hip flexors.

The exception to that is should you suspect that you’ve got an acute damage to the construction of the knee, equivalent to a ligament tear or if you’re hypermobile and have discovered that stretching makes your knees really feel worse. When you expertise swelling on the joint or suspect that you simply an underlying knee damage, it’s best to seek the advice of a medical supplier.

Once more, as a result of stretching can create related outcomes as foam rolling, should you observe up stretching with some type of motion work to enhance stability, mobility, and power, it’s possible you’ll expertise higher outcomes.

Hip Mobility, Stability, and Power Workouts

Addressing hip mobility, stability, and power can promote higher knee well being, as a result of the muscle tissue of the outer hip and interior thigh play a big position in knee alignment and controlling the influence on the knee throughout actions, together with strolling, operating, squatting, and lunging.

Whereas everyone seems to be completely different, most of us will profit from practising workout routines that enable us to transfer and strengthen our hips in a number of instructions. Some examples of this embody leg circles, quadruped rocking, chook canine, monster walks, and bridging with a yoga block between the knees.

Moreover, for some folks, workout routines that activate the hamstrings and quadriceps and combine VMO activation can cut back knee soreness. The VMO (vastus medialis indirect) is part of the quadriceps positioned to the within of the leg, simply above the knee that performs a task in kneecap monitoring when the knee straightens.

Ankle Mobility and Power Workouts

Generally stiff or unstable ankles can create motion compensations that have an effect on the knee. For instance, restricted ankle dorsiflexion, which is when the entrance of the ankle creases, could cause the toes to prove and collapse in when squatting or strolling. This will create further stress or discomfort on the knee.

Moreover, weak point in ankle plantar flexion, which is when the foot factors down away from the shin, can create further influence or motion compensation across the knee when strolling or operating.

In each eventualities, ankle mobility and power drills could be helpful for not directly addressing knee soreness. Some examples of ankle drills embody calf raises with an emphasis on maintaining equal weight throughout all ten toes and ankle circles.

Power Coaching

Do you know that power coaching workout routines equivalent to squats can cut back knee discomfort and even promote higher knee well being? It is because power coaching can improve your tolerance to motion in your joints and the added decrease physique power may also help you management the forces via the knees when strolling and operating.

The important thing factor is to discover a manner to follow power coaching workout routines in a manner that doesn’t create extra knee ache within the second. This may imply modifying your arrange for the train or selecting a distinct train totally. For instance, some individuals who expertise knee ache throughout squats may discover that taking a wider stance and hinging their hips again permits them to squat with out ache. For others, a band across the thighs or elevating the heels might also assist.

Once more, there isn’t a single answer. However, considerate exploration or working with an appropriately skilled skilled may also help.

In Conclusion

Knee soreness can stem from a wide range of underlying causes and there isn’t a single answer. Nevertheless, knee ache doesn’t imply that you’ve got “dangerous” knees. Oftentimes, you simply want to discover an individualized method and in some circumstances search medical therapy to perceive and handle the discomfort.

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