News digest – red and processed meat, DNA ‘fingerprints’, targeted leukaemia drugs and CRISPR


Even reasonable consumption of red and processed meat will increase bowel most cancers threat

Processed and red meat hit headlines this week as our analysis linked reasonable consumption to an elevated threat of creating bowel most cancers. Our scientists in Oxford discovered that for each 10,000 individuals who ate 21g of red and processed meat a day, 40 have been identified with bowel most cancers. Consuming 76g of processed or red meat a day precipitated eight further bowel most cancers instances. Observe this Twitter thread for more information.

Causes of most cancers might depart ‘fingerprints’ on DNA

Scientists in Cambridge say they’ve catalogued the tell-tale injury that environmental triggers of most cancers, like tobacco smoke, depart in cells’ DNA. The staff informed the Guardian that their lab approach allowed them to deal with most cancers DNA “like against the law scene” and pieced collectively “forensic proof” to counsel what causes is likely to be behind a creating tumour.

Experimental blood evaluation may choose up early indicators of breast most cancers relapse

The Mail On-line stories on a small research that examined utilizing breast most cancers sufferers’ blood samples as a potential method to detect in the event that they’re prone to their most cancers coming again. Within the research of 49 individuals, researchers say their experimental take a look at noticed these indicators of relapse earlier than customary scans may. The staff now want to check their experimental blood evaluation on a bigger group of individuals.

Three new most cancers drugs accessible for NHS sufferers in Scotland

We reported that three most cancers drugs have been permitted for sufferers on the NHS in Scotland. This features a drug for some sufferers with superior liver most cancers, and two drugs that may now be used for kids with leukaemia.

Gene enhancing uncovers potential drug targets for aggressive mind tumours

A brand new gene enhancing research may assist prioritise drug goal analysis for an aggressive sort of mind tumour referred to as glioblastoma. The US staff used the DNA enhancing device CRISPR to uncover a number of potential weak spots in lab-grown mind tumour cells that may very well be used sooner or later as potential targets for drug improvement. We lined this one.

Various remedy possibility may spare some leukaemia sufferers chemo

Early outcomes from a medical trial counsel that two targeted most cancers drugs may very well be a very good remedy possibility for some individuals with a sort of leukaemia referred to as persistent lymphocytic leukaemia. Taking these drugs might imply sufferers wouldn’t need to obtain chemo, which may spare them from unwanted effects. PharmaTimes has the main points.

Twitter account highlights what’s typically lacking from science headlines

A brand new Twitter account is asking out deceptive science reporting with the assistance of simply two phrases, stories STAT News. @justsaysinmice is tweeting out hyperlinks to information tales or press releases together with the phrases “IN MICE”, to focus on the place headlines fail to say the stage analysis is at. The scientist behind the account, James Heathers, hopes to lift consciousness that findings from early lab analysis in mice doesn’t imply the identical results might be seen in individuals, which headlines typically counsel.

And eventually

Early analysis suggests one of many constructing blocks of proteins might have a hand in breast most cancers remedy resistance. Researchers at Harvard Medical College within the US discovered a hyperlink between the resistance of breast most cancers cells within the lab to the drug tamoxifen and an amino acid referred to as leucine, which now we have to get from our meals as a result of our our bodies can’t make it. Once they elevated the quantity of leucine round breast most cancers cells in a dish, it helped them develop. The most cancers cells have been additionally unaffected by the drug tamoxifen. Though necessary early work, sufferers shouldn’t be altering their eating regimen simply but because the researchers haven’t but proven that the identical occurs in individuals with breast most cancers.


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